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C British Shorthair and Scottish Fold I've known for a long time and I love cats of this breed. I love their beautiful stuffed plush six, large bright burning orange (in classic colors), with a sky-blue (in points) of the eye, schekastye round head, small ears pinned at the fold, calm and balanced character.
But after seeing a few years ago at the international exhibition of British cat color silver chinchilla, I just fell in love with him. In this snow-white coat with black tips, amazing green eyes, brick-red nose, bordered by a black line, and the eyes and lips, making them incredibly expressive on the background of snow-white fur. And then there was a great desire to have such a miracle at home. Quest to succeed in Germany and the German kennel Oasis De La Moor was bought by the British breed cat named Bandit. In its nearly five months he was not inferior to the size of the UK adult cats that is very pleasing, because the cat shows in Ukraine, we have not seen the representatives of the chinchilla coat color of major proportions. His mother is British silver shaded color, Champion of Germany from the famous German kennel v.Wahrberg, and my dad a British golden shaded cat as well with the league title from the nursery Westhausen, one of the best in Europe. Cote immediately became a favorite of the family and just conquered all of his character that is not combined with his nickname. Contrary to it, the kitten was incredibly tender, is not naughty, very obedient, orderly, calm and .... lover talk. He likes to chat, whenever it is addressed and that either say he always answers * Myauuu *, and very softly and gently. But universal love and attention Bandit still was not enough and so it was not boring, a couple of months in the same kennel we purchased for him a couple - a silver girl with a beautiful name Coco Shanel. Baby's parents also came from the famous kennels of Europe - Rousegaard and Westhausen.
A little later, were bought in Russia 2 cats, but now Scottish Fold - a silver chinchilla and a second silver chinchilla-point with blue eyes. But when our couple Bandit and Coco Chanel's first babies were born, we have not been able to part with gold girlies - Anna Bella Gold ticked and Abigell "Zlata golden tabby.
The name of the kennel was given the name of the color * silver *, as well as our cat always delights audiences of all places, we decided to call the nursery * SILVERR STARR * or * Cerebryanaya zvezda * (WCF).
Today the cattery British (short-haired and long-haired) and the Scottish Fold cats and pryamouhih the following colors: silver shaded (chinchilla, chinchilla NS 12) (black silver shaded NS 11), golden shaded (shaded NY 12) (black golden shaded NY 11), silver and gold point (black silver shaded point NS 11, 33 and black golden shaded point NY 11, 33), Gold ticked (black golden ticked tabby NY25), gold and silver tabby (black golden spotted tabby NY 24, black silver spotted tabby NS 24).
In our kennel you can buy British and Scottish fold kitten or pryamouhih. View and select a small teddy in silver or gold can be medvezhenka for photos on the page SELL OUR KITTENS. Our kittens leave the cattery accustomed to the tray and kittens, free from worms, vaccinated by age. Also on our website in the sale of kittens of our friends, you can select and purchase the British and Scottish fold kitten classic colors belonging to the nurseries of our friends
        You can also book you liked the kitten, making him a deposit of 25% of the value of the animal. If on time you do not have the remaining amount of the purchase or refused, the deposit is not refundable.